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Personal insurance is essential across many different parts of life. From health and life to your cars and home, having insurance can save you a significant amount of money, especially if you find yourself sick, in a car accident, or with damage to your home. For many, choosing an insurance company and policy can feel overwhelming. That's why our brokers at Henderson Phillips take extra time and care to find affordable coverage and ensure you understand what you're getting. We want to empower you with knowledge beyond your monthly premiums. We want you to feel confident in your coverage and the amount of protection you have in place for yourself and your family. 

Motor Vehicle

Auto insurance goes hand-in-hand with owning and driving a car. It's an unavoidable cost, and premiums can easily result in a high monthly bill. While there's no shortage of online options, having a qualified insurance broker can truly help. Our agents work with you to find quality coverage at a rate that works best for your budget. Our motor vehicle policies include:

  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • ATV
  • Boat
  • RV
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Virtually all mortgage companies require a borrower to have homeowners insurance for the full or fair value of a property. You don't even have to own your home to need insurance. Many landlords require their tenants to maintain a renter's policy to live in their properties. If you need insurance for your home or personal items, we're here to help you find the best plan for your situation.

  • Home
  • Mobile Home
  • Renter's Policy
  • Landlords
  • Personal Articles
  • Flood & Earthquake
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Life & Health

As an independent broker, we sell policies from a variety of insurance companies. That means you can compare prices and offerings from the different companies we offer. When working with Henderson Phillips, you receive the most thorough shopping process and most affordable final premiums. We also provide our best advice, which you simply can't get with an online broker.

  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • Term and Permanent Life Insurance
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Pet Health

As veterinary medicine increasingly offers expensive medical treatments and meds, and owners have higher expectations than ever before for their pets' health and longevity, pet insurance has become more common. Pet insurance helps pay for the veterinary treatment of your ill or injured pet. Our insurance experts can walk you through the various types of coverage, which include:

  • Whole Pet
  • Major Medical
  • Pet Wellness 
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